Release Notes - Bitwig Studio v4.0
Bitwig Studio 4.0 is out now, with audio comping, Operators, Anti-Loops, and more. Give her a go.

System Requirements

Changes in Bitwig Studio 4.0.5 [released 08 October 2021]


Changes in Bitwig Studio 4.0.4 [released 01 October 2021]


Changes in Bitwig Studio 4.0.3 [released 24 September 2021]


Changes in Bitwig Studio 4.0.2 [released 06 September 2021]

New Features



Changes in Bitwig Studio 4.0.1 [released 16 July 2021]


What's New in Bitwig Studio 4.0 [released 13 July 2021]

Audio Comping, Anywhere

Audio comping is available, for traditional uses and more.

Recording to the Arranger or Launcher

Effortless Editing

Layered Comp Editing

Fold to Takes for Comping Any Source

Operators for any Note or Audio Event

Operators change when and how events are triggered. Devices have modulators; now notes and audio events have Operators. One or more modes can be used on each event.

Mode: Chance

Mode: Repeats

Mode: Occurrence

Mode: Recurrence

General Workflow

Take a chance on predictability with Expand

Spread for any Expression Point

New modulator: Globals (Interface)

macOS: Native Apple Silicon Support

Localization of Bitwig Studio

Improved Export Options

New Features