Testing Notes

Beta Testing of Bitwig Studio 4.3

Bitwig Studio 4.3 is now in beta testing for users with an active Upgrade Plan. It features new spaces via Convolution and Delay+, and an analog tone bundle for Polymer/The Grid. Where would you like to go today?

NOTE: Do not use a beta version to work on important projects! Project files created or saved with the beta cannot be opened in previous versions of Bitwig Studio. So if you are opening working projects, save copies of them for beta testing (instead of saving over your original files).

If you think you have found a bug, please drop us a line at beta@bitwig.com. Please be sure to include:

And if you get a crash report dialog from the program, please click Send Report. Adding a comment is most helpful, but this can still be useful to us regardless.

Let's go places.

System Requirements

Changes in Bitwig Studio 4.3, Beta 1

New Device: Convolution

New Device: Delay+

Polymer/Grid module updates

Comments Are Welcome

FX Tracks Sends

New Features