Release Notes

System Requirements

What's New in Bitwig Studio 5 [released 29 June 2023]

1. MSEG Family — Drawing Curves for Modulation…

New modulator & Polymer/Grid module: Segments (Envelope)

New modulator & Grid module: Curves (LFO)

New Polymer/Grid module: Scrawl (Oscillator)

New Grid module: Slopes (Data)

New Grid module: Transfer (Shaper)

The Curve Editor

BWCURVE File Format

2. Modulation Elevated — Modulator's on the Mixer…

Track- and Project-level Modulation

Pop-out Editors for Working Your Way

3. New Launcher Gestures — Perform in the Moment…

on Release Actions

New Launch Modes

ALT Triggers

Track & Project Remotes

4. Tomorrow's Modern Browsers — Streamlined, Smarter, Focused on Sound…

It Starts with a Source

Quick Sources, for grabbing what you want in any context

Filtering Your Results, and More

Power Searching Tips

New Features