Release Notes

Thank you for downloading Bitwig Studio 1.0.1.
This document lists the known issues and changes since previous versions of Bitwig Studio.

Known Issues

Audio Engine Modulation of discrete parameters.
VST Adding a VST effect to a channel should bypass input audio until initiation of the plugin is finished.
Devices Shuffle / Accent have no effect on Arpeggiator or Step Mod while sequencer is stopped.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.0.1

Released on 25.03.2014.

NEW Better audio meters with optional K20 mode.
NEW Send note expressions to VSTs using GM2 spec (CA23 and SINGLE NOTE TUNING CHANGE, VST needs to canDo "receiveVstSysexEvent")
NEW Allow mixer as complimentary panel in the EDIT mode.
IMPROVED Show progress of audio export somewhere.
IMPROVED Delete button should work in audio editors time selection without necessity to cut audio event.
IMPROVED Better selection and mouse interactions in multisample editor.
IMPROVED Better tempo detection.
IMPROVED Dragging unlooped clip end should not turn on the loop on the clip until the mouse is released.
IMPROVED Preference for setting the default volume of new tracks (default -10dB).
IMPROVED Limit preview note playing when draggin notes to 0.5s.
IMPROVED Speed up tempo detection for long files.
IMPROVED Better onset detection.
FIXED Various improvements to editing raw audio events.
FIXED Clicking on a note in the layered track editor should make that note's track the cursor track in the layer list.
FIXED Dynamics default preset broken.
FIXED Don't analyze onsets for audio files unless they get time stretched
FIXED Tempo detection seems to be off by a factor of 2 for attached ogg file.
FIXED Automation is not saved in clips when dragged from arranger.
FIXED "Start transport on record" setting does not work if you use F9 to toggle record.
FIXED When cancelling a multi clip bounce in a single track you need to cancel each bounce separately.
FIXED Dragging nested device chain that does not have its own mixer crashes.
FIXED Fixed randomly occuring engine crash related to sample-streaming
FIXED Quintole and Septole Beat Grid Subdivisions are working as Straight and Triplet.
FIXED Changing color of a clip on clip launcher or arranger does not update the color for the loop region and cue markers in the clip contents detail editor
FIXED Export audio with clip launcher active exports the clip launcher not the arranger.
FIXED Files or folders with non-ascii characters doesn't show up in browser on mac at all.
FIXED Automation only works if visible on the gui when bouncing / exporting.
FIXED Bouncing a clip launcher clip that is currently playing results in clip continuing to play after the bounce, but it is silent.
FIXED Grid resolutions 1/1, 1/2 and 1/4 show the same 1/1 grid.
FIXED Undo behaves erratic for EQ5 changes.
FIXED Dragging a slot in mid/side split to other slot creates a layer device in the destination slot.
FIXED Audio recordings on clip launcher interfere with each other.
FIXED Tracks that are stopped in the clip launcher don't behave correctly after loading a document
FIXED Muting of sends form drum-machine solo is broken.
FIXED Browsing multi samples in the multi sampler GUI does not work.
FIXED Session recording should write flat track automation value for lanes that launcher clip has no automation in