Release Notes
Bitwig Studio 3.0 is out now. Huzzah!

System Requirements

What's New in Bitwig Studio 3.0 [released 10 Jul 2019]

New Features

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  • Some SoundFont2 files that used linked samples for stereo playback or embedded large sample files could crash the application during indexing or when first used
  • In rare cases, audio events temporarily could not be selected
  • Moving the Time/secs field in Beat Marker inspector did not work
  • Fixed possible crashes with touch interactions
  • Double-click to zoom to the duration of an Arranger Clip didn't always set the correct position
  • Dragging a time selection of MIDI CC automation and dropping it onto a track that did not have a lane created for that CC would crash
  • Shortcut to Toggle Automation Shown For Selected Tracks did not work as expected
  • Mapping mode did not work for undocked windows
  • Manually mapped parameters in a project could still be active even though that project's tab was not selected
  • Onset detection didn't work for files higher than 48kHz and 32 bits
  • Clips using Elastique stretch modes sometimes stay silent
  • Elastique Solo could break when used with a buffer size of 1024 frames
  • Grouping a note effect device now creates a Note FX Layer (instead of an Instrument Layer)
  • Sampler device was always loaded as monophonic when created from a sample or multi-sample
  • Drum Machine device: choke didn't work if the pad contained a mono synth
  • Filter and Comb devices: improved spectrum displays
  • ParSeq-8 modulator: Note / Advance mode might skip the last step
  • Random modulator: fix sync mode
  • Plug-in windows might be reshown when they shouldn't be after adding a shortcut in the Dashboard
  • Note Output from VST3 plug-ins didn't work properly
  • VST 2: if a plug-in does not report a product name, use the name of the DLL it is loaded from without the extension
  • VST 2: 32-bit plug-ins from MDA did not report the parameters as being automatable so ignore this flag for these plug-ins
  • VST 2 versions of u-he plug-ins would crash when loading a u-he preset (H2P file)
  • PC: ASIO now checks the flags to make sure the sample position is valid
  • macOS: certain virtual audio drivers (e.g. used by screen recording software) were causing CoreAudio to have an invalid state
  • macOS: fixed engine crashes when switching sample rate externally for an aggregate device
  • macOS: fixed CoreAudio crashes when another application changed the audio interface's sample rate or buffer size
  • It was possible to get a project in a state where an error would be shown when saving it in some rare cases
  • Various crash fixes